The Company

HYPRO INDUSTRIAL develops specific chemical technologies for the treatment of metal surfaces.
Quality and respect for the environment are the main objectives that guide our research and development, allowing a continuous evolution of our chemical technologies.
The support of specialized technicians and advanced research laboratories guarantees programmed solutions and interventions for each individual production reality.


HYPRO INDUSTRIAL - LUBROTECH, located in the Cusago (Mi) plant, develops, manufactures and distributes high specific cooling lubricants for mechanical processing performance.
Production in Italy guarantees maximum efficiency and reproducibility based on technologically advanced systems that are constantly adjusted to ensure a high standard of quality.
The production unit is in a strategic position to better support the demands of our Customers, ensuring maximun timely deliveries.

Our production is certified according to directives ISO EN 9001:2008.


The constant desire for growth and improvement leads us to have a full orientation towards our customers.
The daily comparison with our market of reference enable us to research and development innovative solutions of quality and for the continuous growth of our know-how to succeed.
The ability to count on highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in the sector, allows our technical service to intervene and solve any problem of application of the products with the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

Products & Services


TECNOCOOL Z – Series water-miscible metalworking fluids (soluble oils, semisynthetic and synthetic)
TECNOCUT Z – Series neat cutting oils, mineral based, and ester based
TECNODRAW Z – Soluble and neat oil for drawing
TECNORUSTY Z – Antirust oil based and dewatering products
– Series of hydraulic lubricating oils for control units
TECNOWAY – Lubricating oils for guides and slides
HYSPRAY – Series degreaser for metals
HYPASS – Series protective interopenational detergents
ADDITIVES – Products for maintaining tank of water-miscible oil


Pre – sales

Pre – sales

Visit of our technicians at the customer to choose the product suitable for the specific requests, evaluating together the processes, the materials, the operating pressure, the cutting speed, the type of machines, the presence of mixers, etc… .
Take a water sample used for the preparation of the emulsion, with free analysis.  Check on the condition of the emulsion in use is testing compatibility.

After – sales

After – sales

Highly specialized staff will follow the customers supporting them constantly.
Free control analysis on the emulsions in use will be carried out in our internal laboratory to ensure the lon-term of the emulsion at high quality standards and with the minimum management cost. Type of analysis performe: Concentration, Bacterial and Fungal Test, pH, Anti-rust and Foreign Oil. Dispatch within 48 hours of receipt of the sample of the analytical results.

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